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September 30th, 2007

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bOi* says:
Sunday, September 30th at 3:57PM

I'm lovin' the work! Also the underwear in the last pic is hotttt! bOi* *myspace.com/tig3rboy

Edward Kang says:
Sunday, September 30th at 3:57PM


Larry says:
Sunday, September 30th at 4:29PM

Perfection Personified!!!... Absolutely Amazingly Gorgeous!!!...

Renee says:
Sunday, September 30th at 5:15PM


edson says:
Sunday, September 30th at 6:06PM

My God!

Idan says:
Sunday, September 30th at 7:08PM

oh gosh! love the sets! everything look so good!

Idan says:
Sunday, September 30th at 7:09PM

oh gosh! love the sets! everything look so good! kudos to the photographer!

bob b. says:
Sunday, September 30th at 8:35PM

this stud is really hot!

PR8 says:
Monday, October 1st at 5:05AM

If God made man in His image, I LOVE GOD!

eazea says:
Monday, October 1st at 5:12AM

U r brilliant..!!

Gary says:
Monday, October 1st at 5:57AM

Where do you find these guys? He's divine, and you've outdone yourself in capturing his divinity!! Wow! xxoo G

Danny says:
Monday, October 1st at 10:05AM

Gorgeous pictures Adam! Damn that guy is hot. I love his little speedo :-)

ali says:
Wednesday, October 3rd at 1:47AM

excellent shots with excellent model..

Jmus says:
Thursday, October 4th at 3:34AM

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Alessar says:
Thursday, October 4th at 2:44PM

2, 4, 6, 8... he has a legit 8-pack? Wow.

jess says:
Friday, October 5th at 2:24PM


Tiger says:
Friday, October 5th at 11:38PM

They are absolutely superb! Great lighting and attention to detail.

LittleBlade says:
Monday, October 8th at 7:49AM

Stand down, Joseph (I'm embarrassed by the nude pictures I did before I became a legitimate model and bought the rights to stop them being seen, but that hasn't stopped me repeatedly posing nude) Sayers... your place at the top of the internet hotties has

LittleBlade says:
Monday, October 8th at 7:50AM

...been taken by James E. (Sorry, it didn't all fit in one post!)

Jonathan says:
Tuesday, October 9th at 4:36PM

Great contrast in texture for the first photo. I also love the fourth photo because it uses frame from the bars (sort of) to direct the line of sight.

Mark says:
Tuesday, October 9th at 6:41PM

Absolute p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n! Perfect physique and looks.

Bill Olson says:
Wednesday, October 10th at 6:21PM

The last two are my favorites. He is definitely a HOT guy.

callum says:
Friday, October 12th at 8:56AM

callumhume@msn.com total hottie im so hard right now...

kennethjohnson says:
Friday, October 12th at 9:28PM

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Take more pictures of him.

Garth says:
Sunday, October 14th at 12:54PM


sdm says:
Sunday, October 14th at 9:16PM

v.v.v. great photos

Phil says:
Monday, October 15th at 4:39AM

Who is this? He is absolutely stunning! I must have his name so i can start a fan club! lol

Robert says:
Monday, October 15th at 5:13PM

Hi Adam, WOW! Great job! If you come to Atlanta come to WETBAR on Thurs nights, the bartenders are all shirtless and some are perfect-10's like this...960 Spring St Atlanta...

Objessecefe says:
Wednesday, October 17th at 8:54AM

Hi. I need your help

Dio says:
Saturday, October 20th at 9:40PM

Oh my godness! It's my man, perfect and handsome! Congrutulations, beautiful photos!

Jason says:
Sunday, October 21st at 5:18PM

Amazing photos! I wish I was a great photographer like you, too!

程坚峰 says:
Tuesday, October 23rd at 1:43AM

what't that means?

robin says:
Saturday, October 27th at 11:23AM

James, u r fucking hot...

kennethjohnson says:
Friday, November 2nd at 2:51PM

his last name is Ellis, if you want to search for more pictures of him online

double d says:
Sunday, November 4th at 5:41AM

WOW...gimme more & more of this hottie

prearklayelty says:
Wednesday, November 7th at 3:48AM

Where I can find good quality films? Can anyone help me?

bob krawczak says:
Wednesday, November 7th at 12:38PM

love all of the pic wish i was close to u i live in Lakeland Fl cum cum and more cum mmmm

andrew williams says:
Wednesday, November 7th at 1:18PM

Your guys and pix are awesome, especially James E, he has that mix of boyish manliness and a sort of innocence, real or otherwise, which are breath-taking! Many thanks. Please do more!

Laura Fdakl says:
Wednesday, November 7th at 8:08PM

put ur underwear out daddy!!!

Double R says:
Saturday, November 10th at 9:37AM

Great photos,as always,Adam. But I guess the fans of this dude will crucify me: He´s not my type. I like skinny and younger guys.

Renee says:
Wednesday, November 14th at 8:09AM


Steve says:
Saturday, November 17th at 9:13AM

wow, dude, you're SO the hottie! YUM!! :-) xoxox, Steve =)

Friday, November 23rd at 8:29PM


Friday, November 23rd at 8:36PM


Renee says:
Sunday, November 25th at 11:19AM

Hey everyone.. this is James's manager you can add James to your myspace at myspace.com/jwmodel3

isack newton says:
Monday, November 26th at 11:05PM

hai james ur 5th underwear pict looks hot i likes to see ur more hot pictures

Idetrorce says:
Saturday, December 15th at 10:00AM

very interesting, but I don't agree with you Idetrorce

dard says:
Friday, December 21st at 11:27AM

the way of taking photo is fantastic , it's make's u to give ur attention to some places that the photographer want's u to see it .... mmmm and i ithink the model is one of most attention thing in these photos ... :-)

aishwarya rai says:
Sunday, December 23rd at 6:57PM

you are extremely hot and handsome. You have such a perfect body. i'm certain all the girls would be after you.

David K says:
Friday, December 28th at 3:14PM

As long as I have a face he has a place to sit......Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

damy says:
Monday, January 21st at 9:02PM

S e X y ;)

bill says:
Tuesday, January 22nd at 10:41AM

I 75 years old and would just love to spen an evening with him just to admire his great body and good looks. What a hot young man. An evening like that would be a first for me in my 75 years

Rick says:
Thursday, January 31st at 2:37AM

Sehr Wunderschön

thomas says:
Saturday, February 2nd at 8:19PM

this guy is sooo frigging hot, nice photo and hot model.whats his name?

tom says:
Tuesday, February 5th at 3:40PM

this guy is fucking hot do more or him butt without clothes!

tomson says:
Friday, February 22nd at 7:10PM

ah...ah... your body are so hot... hope ur penis also hot like your body... ah... i want to make sex with u... ah....ah..!!!

Yawza! says:
Saturday, February 23rd at 9:56PM

You have amazing work, E! [san diego]

bjsm says:
Tuesday, February 26th at 7:57AM


Wednesday, March 5th at 10:37AM

hey, really great photoshoot session!, kudos for the model!, really hot guy! ( by the way, what is his name) Keep me posted FAC.

qiuqiu says:
Tuesday, March 11th at 6:42AM

so cool!

Chloe says:
Wednesday, March 12th at 10:22PM

awesome! very wicked!

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Fabituh says:
Wednesday, March 19th at 11:43AM

very hot....oh!!!!!

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michael says:
Thursday, April 3rd at 10:29AM

he is very manly. I like him!

Jack says:
Sunday, April 6th at 6:44PM

wow what an amazing model but your amazing skills make this llok even better perect model for the perfect photagrapher

Brian says:
Tuesday, April 8th at 2:59PM

I can't stop looking (and drooling) over this guy. Amazing, simply amazing.

小色狼 says:
Saturday, April 19th at 8:29PM

OMG!!So hot~~~~~Sexy~~~~

parsa says:
Sunday, April 27th at 8:16AM

hi ...oh may god!!!.... you are very hot ...sexy goyyyyyyy...I Love you parsanegin@yahoo.com

Rei says:
Saturday, May 31st at 10:19PM

O.M.G!!! James Ellis is one heck Sexy!!! I So Like Him To death!!!lol!!!

Bruce says:
Sunday, June 1st at 1:19AM

Tonight I have seen the god Apollo and you have captured him forever. I would love to ride off to Olympus in his golden chariot.

ROberto says:
Wednesday, June 4th at 12:56PM


johnnie says:
Monday, June 16th at 1:35PM

hes got the fuck me face on

steveslack says:
Thursday, August 21st at 10:32PM


Dante says:
Thursday, September 11th at 6:55PM

Haaaaaaaaa es casi divino!!! Realmente muy bueno.... me encantaria revolcarme con el.-

anabel says:
Monday, September 15th at 7:41AM

estas muy bien, y sienes poser de un modelo ,estas cañon tio macizo

cony says:
Monday, September 15th at 3:29PM

I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU JAMES ELLIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Szanika says:
Tuesday, September 16th at 12:00PM

Hu ha ez cuki naon cuki

ludwig endrich futwengler says:
Tuesday, September 23rd at 9:48AM

uff..wonderfull, congratulations

hiago says:
Tuesday, September 23rd at 1:35PM

very sexy,bealtiful

ALDO says:
Saturday, September 27th at 9:57PM


prince says:
Thursday, October 23rd at 1:21AM

is so hottttt.

Harry says:
Monday, November 3rd at 4:20AM

i think you are a hottie for sure and you make a good model

bryan says:
Sunday, November 9th at 8:55AM

his eyes are like emeralds

Giorgia Xenakis says:
Thursday, December 4th at 2:25PM

Adam you take my breath!You know how to play with the camera. Nice composed! Great work!Congratulation!

joaquin says:
Tuesday, December 16th at 1:56PM

te besaria ia toda la noche mijito rico....

Kirt says:
Friday, December 19th at 1:01PM

Sooo hot! I want his diet and workout plan!

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Friday, January 30th at 12:06AM


nena says:
Friday, March 13th at 11:33AM


leidy says:
Friday, March 27th at 5:50PM

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Francisko says:
Wednesday, April 15th at 7:44PM

He's a very nice boy,I like to see him

hilmanraditya says:
Friday, April 17th at 9:46PM

oooooooooooooooo......, maksudnya apa? hanya sekedar photografi biasa tanpa memunculkan hal yang lain, tapi greats lah, efek cahaya nya keren, its cool, but ussualy

randy says:
Wednesday, May 13th at 5:44AM

when i get up in the morning that guy would be the frist person i would like to get up and s--k.

shahbaz Afridi says:
Wednesday, July 1st at 3:11AM

Adam u and your toxic work ,keeps my mind spining for some time. Youu are mater in producing mater pieces of male body,hope to see some perfect nudes too

D.K says:
Sunday, July 5th at 11:39PM

So hot of him!Beautiful!

steve slack says:
Saturday, August 1st at 9:26PM

hot damn ! he's hot

steve slack says:
Saturday, August 1st at 9:31PM

hot damn! he's hot

buyusedcar says:
Monday, September 14th at 10:26AM

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Avie says:
Monday, September 14th at 11:42AM

James E ur very sexy n hot guy. i like it n hu.. so ur really a nice guy..

steve slack says:
Friday, September 25th at 10:51PM


fosorter says:
Saturday, October 10th at 8:01PM

hey handsome there will you please delete the massage Tuesday, October 23rd at 1:43AM what't that means?

Kenneth says:
Tuesday, December 8th at 6:02PM

HI JAMES ELLIS, I love ur amazing body ^^, ... could you please let me taste it? ^^,

Bbw Foum says:
Friday, December 11th at 6:09AM

I should email my girlfriend about your post.

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Friday, December 11th at 10:06AM

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Friday, December 18th at 3:25AM

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Marcus says:
Tuesday, January 5th at 1:53AM

*faints from the model's beauty* wonderful portraits

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whitetiger says:
Monday, January 2nd at 4:45AM

Does anyone know if James Ellis has done any nude/naked photos? It was probably earlier in his career, if he has. At least the note I just read somewhere implied that he had, because he said "he wasn't so sure that was a good idea"... James is e

whitetiger says:
Monday, January 2nd at 4:49AM

Looks like I got cut off my previous note... I was saying James is exceedingly gorgeous, enough so to make me forget John Pruitt. They both have that wonderfully smooth, creamy skin though. More! Has he done anything new lately?

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