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May 27th, 2007

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torath69 says:
Saturday, August 4th at 8:37PM

What is the name of this model? He is a very good looking young man.

sexylilmissdrea says:
Tuesday, August 7th at 2:42AM

can i have this one.. he is very GORGEOUS..you are great i love all the pictures

Abdominals says:
Wednesday, September 19th at 6:55AM

I agree. He's a very gorgeous young man. Thanks.

Jake says:
Monday, November 12th at 6:05PM

he's adorable.

Phillippe says:
Thursday, November 15th at 12:51AM

Where do you get all these wonderful models????.... simply awesome..........

steveslack7 says:
Tuesday, December 11th at 7:39PM

he's sexy&acutie

tom says:
Saturday, December 15th at 4:19PM

he is so cute in this picture

Ashley says:
Saturday, January 26th at 2:29PM

he's very pretty. what's his name?

wehotom says:
Tuesday, April 29th at 11:22AM


Bruce says:
Sunday, June 1st at 12:37AM

This one is sublime. Your subject is fallen from Heaven. The result is high art.

Tony says:
Thursday, July 24th at 2:09PM

I agree -- this boy is simply angelic!! Does he live in LA? I would love to see him in person.

Zhao Bin says:
Sunday, July 27th at 3:01PM

He's cute!

monique says:
Saturday, August 2nd at 5:29AM

amazing lips!

jacinta says:
Monday, September 29th at 1:07AM

I like ur work and was just wondering how u managed to get to be well known? i am looking into the photography profession, i have not yet left skool but i have sold many pictures at art shows of people modelin but i do my makeup nd hair on my friends myse

joe says:
Sunday, October 19th at 11:34AM

love his abs

Joe says:
Thursday, April 30th at 6:17AM

love his eyes

MiCk says:
Thursday, June 4th at 10:11AM

beautiful work!!! models.. places... it´s cooL!! Congratulations!!!

steve slack says:
Monday, June 15th at 11:50AM


Holly says:
Thursday, November 26th at 6:42AM

my lucky number :) & these photos are very nice. he looks like a baddy of a film lol. the 3rd forth and last one i enjoy the most. 3rd because he has like an eagle eye thing going on like hes unsettled or waiting for something. 4th i dont know why but

ashraf says:
Wednesday, February 16th at 2:53AM

i want madaling olso butt i m not handsam ?

Sugar says:
Thursday, October 13th at 7:24PM

So true. Honesty and everything reedingzco.

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